Daily Musings

So today I started with my outline. Kinda felt overwhelmed as the task seem daunting at first…where to begin? Character? Plot? Setting?

I chose to reread my plot idea, and create a plot summary. I then started to think about the setting. Where would my story take place? When? What is going on in the world? By starting with my setting, I generated some ideas as to why the main character chose the actions he did.

This led me to add some more ideas to the plot, and change some existing ones. I kept thinking of how my character would act in certain situations. I then started to flesh out my characters.

So far I have a main character, and 2 minor characters. 1 of the minor characters will take on a major role in the story. The character’s traits were slow to emerge until I put myself in their shoes. This helped me understand how I wanted the characters to act in certain situations. In the back of my mind is to make sure I avoid clichéd characters.

After 2 hours of writing, I have written 613 words – and havent even started writing the story. Just trying to understand the direction of the story. While I knew writing does work and dedication, this a lot slower than I imagined.

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