What Helps You Write?

Background noise helps me write.  Sometimes it’s the noise from outside. Usually, it’s music.  I would listen to my music library via iTunes, or Pandora when I needed a change.  Now, its iTunes Radio.

People know I’m a Apple Fanboy.  I love Apple products because they just work.  When I need them to work.  They don’t take long to set up, maintain, or are replaced very often.  iTunes Radio has grown on me now that I’ve been working from home.  I started sampling their playlists on the iTunes Radio homepage, and got my holiday music fix from two channels.

I usually swap between a couple of channels when writing; The Grey Havens Radio and Chill Out: Ambient.  If you like great fantasy soundtrack music, The Grey Havens is a great choice.   Just need some ambient sounds to help you find a creative edge to your writing?  Then try Chill Out.

But then, The Best of 2013 Singer/Songwriter popped up, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I don’t like every song that has played, and iTunes Radio has a handy feature to skip that song.  Just like Pandora.  And just like Pandora, iTunes Radio plays ads – but I don’t mind.  It’s a free service, so they have to make it free somehow.  I usually get up from my desk for a break during the commercials anyway.

So, what helps you write?

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