Two Weeks In…Much to Think About, Still So Much to Do

Two weeks into NaNoWriMo, and I’m just a little short of the overall pace. I’ll need to increase my daily rate to 1,739 to finish on time. I’ll have the weekends and some vacation days to help meet my goal.

How is everyone else doing?

Woke up to the news about the atrocities in Paris. It’s hard to stay motivated when you know people are suffering, and you’re half a world away and can’t help them. We have overcome horrific events before, I believe we will overcome this as well.

We have to overcome, we have to stay strong. We have to teach our kids and the young, impressionable people in this world, that helping people brings more joy, more love, more advancement of our culture then the blatant disregard for life. This needs to start at the top, with all the leaders of the world.

We cannot progress as a race if we continuously have extreme pieces of our race sabotaging that progress.

We will overcome. We will persevere.

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