So, I just updated WordPress for iOS. Seems ok so far, and I am writing this on my iPhone.

Regarding the title of this post. My 16 year old has decided he wants to be more independent. Out of the blue. Rules be damned.

Payback? I don’t think I was this bad. I was working consistently, and was more responsible. I had a little more freedom, but I earned it. Now, it seems the sense of entitlement has permeated his world. Sigh.

On the writing front, I finished another short story, and revised another. I submitted 2 stories, but both were rejected. While I like them both, and they have personal meanings, I don’t think there is enough conflict or drama. Also, they are both fantasies, and may not be fantastical enough.

I have also fleshed out some of the main characters of my novel. I have almost 5,000 words written, not including the character and outline parts. I have started to write certain scenes involving the characters, because I felt I wasn’t progressing fast enough.

That’s all for now. See you in a week.

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