This week, I struggled with what project to write.  I had several short stories that I submitted, but were rejected.  I like the stories, and the messages they present.  After serious consideration, they may not have enough science fiction or fantasy elements.  That could be why they keep being rejected.  Or my writing just isn’t good enough yet.

On the novel front, I have finished one scene and started another.  I have fleshed out some minor characters, and keep revising the antagonist.  It is exciting because for the first time, I feel the characters are actually speaking to me, telling me what they would actually do.  This is great, right?

My dilemma, and title of this post, is that I have several ideas I want to write immediately.  I write as much as I can, almost every day, but in small snippets.  Work, coaching my daughter’s volleyball team, and other family obligations limit my actual time writing.  I usually write during my lunch period, and I am up every day at 5:00AM exercising.  If I don’t exercise, I try to write.  I’ll have to think about squeezing more writing time somewhere.

New topic.  I revised a short story about an alien invasion, and the connection between my stepson.  His hormones have apparently decided to go into overdrive the past few weeks, and is severely pushing his boundaries.  While some of his concerns are valid, he sometimes crosses the line, especially when he doesn’t get his way.  The story idea came about the reconnection of the father/son bond after a catastrophic event.

I hope he reads this story soon, or someday. I have been in his life since he was 6 months new.  While we don’t have everything in common, I know that I have shaped some of his life.

I am going to end this post with some great news.  I have been conditionally accepted into a critique group!  I need to attend two sessions, and if it goes well, I will become a full member.

I couldn’t find a critique group near me, and was about to give up.  After searching the internet, I found this group and perused their website.  They offered quarterly writing sessions, free and open to the public.  I attended one, and after the free write, shared my story.  During a break, I discussed my experience and writing goals with a couple of other attendees.  Turns out, one was the director for the writing group.

After sending an email thanking her for the open writing section, she asked me if I was still searching for a critique group.  I was, and she sent a set of documents.  A 2-page application, request for a writing sample, and a writing resume was soon complete and on its way.  After several weeks of consideration, I was accepted.

All of the members in the group are published, so I am a little nervous about presenting my work.  On the other hand, I have nowhere else to go but up.

Until next week, keep following your dreams.  Sometimes the door opens.

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