The past few months have been busy.  With a new job, writing time has been hard to find.  However, I have been able to finish five short stories, and one that I can’t seem to find the right way to  end.  The good part is that I submitted all of them to various magazines.  To date, none have been accepted.

I have also been outlining my first novel.  It is a science fiction action/thriller, that may be either a YA or adult novel.  It is in three acts, and I am creating the scenes.  I am debating on whether I should make chapters next.  I still need to tighten the scenes, and then make sure the plot flows.

The characters are fun, but more work.  I have the main character, and some secondary characters almost complete, but still need to complete the villain.  I don’t think he is strong enough yet.

Over the past three days, I have started the story.  The opening scenes focus on the main character, and I wanted to see if my anticipated beginning is strong enough.  Definitely needs to be tighter.

I have also submitted an application to a critique group.  All of the existing members have been published, so an experienced group of authors.  I could learn much from them.  I need them to help me grow as a writer.  

On the reading front, I have been consuming many writing books.  From character and plot development, to beginnings and scene development, I have increased my knowledge of writing.  I have interspersed some science fiction and fantasy books.  

Hopefully my next update won’t take as long.