Generating Character Names with Scrivener

Have you ever struggled to find that perfect name for your character?  Perused your personal library, looking for that one, great combination?  Mixed several product names to come up with that unique, but reasonable character moniker?

If you use Scrivener, you have a great and wonderful tool at your disposal.

If you’re not aware of it, let me show you how to get there.

After opening Scrivener, click “Edit”, then “Writing Tools”, and select “Name Generator”.


This pop-up box will appear:


Clicking the gear symbol on the lower right corner of the pop-up window will open the control screen.  Select your gender, nationality, or even combinations of two forenames or surnames.  You can even adjust a slider bar to find a more obscure name.

Adjust the slider bar to number of names you wish to generate, and then simply click “Generate Names”.


And voila!  A list of names.


A warning, though.  You may lose track of time playing with this tool.

Have fun!