This week I received great news.  I have been asked to join the Written Remains Writers Guild as a full member!  I’ve been a member of the Mixed Genre Critique group for some time, and feel at home in the group.

I’ve also been revising a story I’m submitting for an anthology that will contain stories from my Writing Guild.  Hopefully it will be good enough to be included.  It will most likely be my first published story.

I follow several authors and bloggers in Twitter  Some of the links to articles they provide have helped me look at my stories in a different light.  Some of my favorites are @ChuckWendig, @Janice_Hardy, @MikeStackpole, @LouAnders, @WriterlyTweets, and @JaneFriedman.  I also following the Big 6, and other presses.

Some of the posts contain links to free or affordable writing classes.  A couple are:



That’s it for today…Keep Writing!