Daily Musing

Wrote a little bit over the weekend, wasn’t able to complete 2 hours.

Thought of a couple new ideas, that initially appear to be short stories. Thought of them while driving, so i used the voice memo feature to capture them to add them to my list.

I hope to write some today. I feel motivated to pu my story on paper.

Daily Musing

Work has been busy, and with soccer refereeing and getting ready for my wife’s birthday, writing took a back seat.  Today I was able to spend a few minutes creating my 3 Act story arc, and continued to flesh out my characters.  I have chosen their first names, so I’ll let them stew for a while…

I am probably going to be following the snowflake method of writing, and am contemplating purchasing the software.  I currently have the trial version of Scrivener as well. 

This weekend, I hope to spend a couple of hours writing the story and some more character features.

Daily Musing

Took a break from writing as I was in a soccer tournament this weekend, and Mother’s Day was Sunday.  Beautiful weekend, and spent time with my family.  I’ll write some tomorrow…hope to have over 1,000 words tomorrow.

Daily Musing

I was disappointed I was unable to write anything yesterday.  Work and family obligations took precedent, and the night ended on a great note, albeit a late night.

I was able to write 434 words this morning before work.  It was hard to stay focused as I was really tired – only got about 5.5 hours of sleep.  Also, I wasn’t able to have my coffee until 2 hours after I got up, so this could have hindered my production.  Not sure of a final word count for this story, but hope to keep it under 10K. 

I hope tomorrow will be more productive…probably need to get more sleep.


Daily Musings

So today I started with my outline. Kinda felt overwhelmed as the task seem daunting at first…where to begin? Character? Plot? Setting?

I chose to reread my plot idea, and create a plot summary. I then started to think about the setting. Where would my story take place? When? What is going on in the world? By starting with my setting, I generated some ideas as to why the main character chose the actions he did.

This led me to add some more ideas to the plot, and change some existing ones. I kept thinking of how my character would act in certain situations. I then started to flesh out my characters.

So far I have a main character, and 2 minor characters. 1 of the minor characters will take on a major role in the story. The character’s traits were slow to emerge until I put myself in their shoes. This helped me understand how I wanted the characters to act in certain situations. In the back of my mind is to make sure I avoid clichéd characters.

After 2 hours of writing, I have written 613 words – and havent even started writing the story. Just trying to understand the direction of the story. While I knew writing does work and dedication, this a lot slower than I imagined.