The Fictioneers – July 17th at the Claymont Public Library

If you’re in the Delaware area, come hear The Fictioneers read from Someone Wicked: A Written Remains Anthology!  I’ll be reading an excerpt from my story, The Next King.

Joining me will be Guild members: Gail Husch, Maria Masington, and JM Reinbold!

Ficioneers - 7:21:14

Check us out online at Written Remains Writer’s Guild.


The Launch of My Freelance Writing Career

After a couple of weeks of intensive education, writing, and rewriting, I received great news over the weekend.  The Yahoo Contributors Network accepted my article for publication!

What Personal Investments Do You Make as a Writer?

Click the link above to read the article.  Check out the great events on the horizon my writing guild has lined up.  Then, check out a local arts program that fills the creative side in all of us.

And I finally received my business cards.

Business Card

Now, to network with some freelance writers to grow my business.

Keep writing, my friends.

Building Your Platform – Do You Need a Business Page on Facebook?

I read this article from Rob Biesenbach, which raised a few questions.

  • Do authors create a business page on Facebook to grow their platform, or do they just use their personal page?  How do you separate your personal life from your business?
  • How many authors capture their readers’ email addresses?  What programs out there are highly recommended?
  • Do you believe blogging is going away, or just transforming into a new medium?
  • Will Facebook become just a channel to promote work because of the ease of adding friends, or will it remain a social gathering place to discuss work?

What are your thoughts?  How do you use Facebook?  How often do you blog?  Do you capture your readers’ email addresses?

Leave a comment and we’ll discuss.  Better yet, pass this on and let’s get a broader discussion going.

In the meantime, keep writing.